The Tend-R-Leen program, first introduced in 1963, created the concept of low-roughage feeding for dairy and beef steers. Today, the program continues to provide the lowest cost per pound of gain, has fed over 10 million steers, and is the dominant leader in economic return for the producer.

The program is based on obtaining market weight within 13-14 months, creating a fully lean carcass.

It is ideal for existing dairy operations, as well as retired dairy producers, commercial feedlots, and calf growers. The Tend-R-Leen program offers producers a tested method to significantly supplement cash flow and operation returns with low inputs.

Tend-R-Leen Features:

  • Over 55 years of proven success from coast to coast.
  • Over 10 million steers fed on the Tend-R-Leen program.
  • Lowest cost per pound of gain from the farm to the feedlot.
  • The simplest program requiring no grinding or processing of corn.
  • Less equipment and labor required.
  • Easily adapt an existing facility to fit program.
  • Up to 50% less manure.
  • Average daily gains up to 3.2 pounds or better.
  • Improved feed efficiency from birth to market.
  • Cattle yield high quality, lean, tender meat that meets consumer and packers demands.
  • No competitive program has every been able to document research and results that beat the Tend-R-Leen program.

NEW in 2019!  Tend-R-Leen 525 NBC All-Natural Deccox 80!
This product has all the features of the original 525 NBC product, but has a new formulation that meets the requirements for all-natural beef feeding programs.  Code 31224-322

Tend-R-Leen 525 NBC Base R120 – the first Tend-R-Leen product for beef cattle!
This product is a convenient, flexible pelleted formulation to mix with corn and whole grains for creep feeding nursing beef calves or for backgrounding/growing rations for beef cattle up to 1000+ lbs.
To be fed with unlimited free choice forage source (pasture, hay, crop residues)  Product Code:  30919-322

Calf Grower
532 Tend-R-Leen® Grower with DeccoxProduct code: 39532-322, 31027-322

536 Tend-R-Leen® Ultra Finisher

Product code: 39536-322, 30974-322
VFD required

529 Tend-R-Leen® PE

Product code: 39529-322, 37529-322
VFD required

1529 Tend-R-Leen PE RumensinProduct code: 39530-322, 37530-322
No VFD required



“We feel we have more control for risk management with the steers.  Feeding steers on the Tend-R-Leen program is a marketing opportunity for some of our excess corn. We feed the corn up to 18% moisture from an air-dry system and we benefit from having lower drying costs.  We like that the steers offer a diverse revenue source.” – Shorty and Tom Crosby of River Valley Dairy, LLC

“There is less manure to deal with and the labor needed for the steers doesn’t interfere with the labor for our cropping and dairy cattle.”  – Mike and Corey Enright of Highland Dairy

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