A bacterial inoculant designed for all types of fermented forages and high moisture grains, Sile Tech is a fast-acting combination of three strains of bacteria. The unique combination provides 110,000 colony forming units (CFU) per gram of forage.

Growth of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Unique combination of lactic acid bacteria to initiate fermentation quickly and continue fermentation to reduce pH and improve feed quality.

Lower Fermentation Temperatures

Designed to lower fermentation temperatures, produce lactic and acetic acids, and improve stability at the silo and feed bunk.

Improved Aerobic Stability

Research-proven to reduce yeast growth, extend bunk life, and improve aerobic stability.

Rapid drop in pH

Shown to improve fermentation, increase yeast inhibition, and extend bunk life.

Sile Tech products include:

Sile Tech 100W – 74500-170

Sile Tech 100D – 74503-172

Sile Tech 500W – 74501-170

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