Beef Services

Beef Services

Feed sampling & ration balancing

Our staff is trained in formulating rations and designing products to optimize production for all aspects of beef production. We pride ourselves on providing best-cost rations that result in the greatest return for our clients. We regularly collect feed samples of purchased and harvested feedstuffs to ensure that we are properly utilizing each feedstuff in the ration. We also maintain a database of feed sample results to monitor seasonal trends and averages for different feedstuffs.

On-farm consultations

Face-to-face meetings with our clients are quite possibly the most important service we provide. We regularly meet with clients to monitor cattle and feedstuffs, discuss performance, review progress reports and closeouts, troubleshoot any problems, and provide updates on any relevant industry trends or new products.

Projections, tracking, and closeouts

We provide profit projections on any potential groups of cattle to determine cost-of-gain, breakeven, and potential profit. These projections are formulated using each customer’s specific feedstuffs and costs. We also provide feedlot tracking and closeouts to monitor and document performance. We utilize these data to improve performance on future groups of cattle.

Feed planning and budgets

Determining the amount of feed required is an important budgeting aspect of each operation. We work with our clients to determine how much feed will be needed for each group of cattle, and assist in monitoring inventory throughout the year.

Management services

Our team is always ready to provide assistance in team training, operation performance evaluations, and coordination with veterinarians and other service providers. These services are aimed at ensuring that all team members are up-to-date on operation performance and team goals.

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