About Us

For over 40 years, Form-A-Feed has been committed to serving the livestock industry with quality products and customized services. Originated as a family-owned business, currently in its 3rd generation, we are now an employee-owned company (ESOP) with well over 200 employees. Form-A-Feed offers branded-name, specialty, private-label and custom-formulated products directly and through a network of joint ventures in the U.S. and international markets. Our product formulations are designed to enhance livestock performance and health, and improve food safety. Product options include: base mixes, concentrates, micros, minerals, liquids, boluses, low-moisture tubs, water soluble products and ingredients. We at Form-A-Feed know it is critical not only to provide the best quality Nutrition and most cost-effective Feed to the livestock producers we serve, but to also be a resource to help them in all areas of their operation. Using our team-approach to problem-solving, Form-A-Feed’s goal is to pull everything together for our customers, and to be the go-to team they can count on to reach their goals.


Our Mission

Form-A-Feed’s mission to feed the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions.

Our success has been built on the following core values which represent how we choose to do business:

First and foremost, Form-A-Feed values the entity of family. The mission is simple: to form a feed relationship with each livestock producer's needs.

We recognize that our company is built on a foundation of strong relationships with its dealers and suppliers, customers, and community.

We value ethical, fair, hardworking, educated and responsive behaviours that embody professionalism.

We value doing the right thing. Our employees are dependable, honest, trustworthy, genuine and consistent.

We value being flexible, creative, unique, and passionate about formulating new solutions that help feed the world.

We value the safety of our employees, customers, and products, ensuring a high quality food supply.

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